How to evaluate if you are an asset to your (doubles) partner

Do  you enjoy playing with your doubles partner?  Do you think that your partner enjoys playing with you?  Picking a partner that shares the same goals as you is helpful.  If one player competes for social reasons and his/her partner only plays to win, they may not be playing tennis with the same goals in mind and get frustrated with each other.  

Match Play Seminar

Participants of the Friday match play and Cos discuss how to be a good partner

What personality traits do you value in a partner?  What tennis skills do you value?  For example, do you need a partner who moves well to compensate for your limited movement?  Do you and your partner think about setting up each other rather than hitting low percentage shots.  If you are more of a consistent player, you may value a more aggressive partner.  Characteristics such as judgmental, critical, negative, too chatty, confrontational or low intensity can hurt a doubles relationship and performance.  Do you focus on your partner’s mistakes rather than your own game?

Remember your role is to bring out the best in your partner.  Evaluate if you demonstrate the personality traits and tennis skills that you would appreciate in your partner.

Want to think bigger?  What kind of teammate are you?  Did the PRC staff and other players appreciate your presence at the club today?  What kind of “partner” are you to your family members, friends, classmates and co-workers.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could be the best partner and bring out the best in everyone – on and off the court?

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Friday Match play seminars