PRC Triple Threat 3 Times As Good

Reva Leung

Captain Reva!

Congratulations to Reva Leung, captain of the PRC Triple Threat, and her team who are the local champions of the Middle States New Jersey Tri-Level League. The league season began in November and ended last week and consists of doubles teams at the 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0 level.  PRC Triple Threat now advances to the 2016 Intersectional Playoffs scheduled for Saturday, April 9th at the Atlantic Club and competes against three Eastern teams.  Good luck to the team.  Thanks to Christine Shungu and her teammates who also represented PRC in the league.

Reva will have a busy weekend!  On April 10th, she will be honored as the NJD Captain of the Year at Laurel Creek Country Club and the NJD Awards banquet.

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