Playing the PRC Way

PRC - Pride Respect Character

Play with PRC – Pride Respect Character

Thanks to all of the PRC USTA captains and teammates that attended the seminar presented by Judy and Cos.  The theme of the presentation was “Playing the PRC Way”.  Remember that PRC not only stands for Princeton Racquet Club, but also Pride, Respect and Character.

Taking Pride in your performance can start with your pre match routine.  Getting a good night’s sleep, eating a proper pre match meal, staying hydrated, arriving at the courts with time to use the restroom, having sunscreen, hat and an adequate water supply can contribute to a good performance.

Be Respectful to your captain, teammates, partner and opponents.  Calling the score before serving, making loud and decisive line calls, minimizing on court chatter, knowing the rules and scoring procedures are all ways to display respect for the competition and other players on the court.  Constantly questioning your opponent’s line calls is another way of questioning their integrity.  Remember, it isn’t if he/she made a correct line call, but more how you handled the line call.  Control what you can control (yourself).

Character is the most important of the three.  What are your top 5 performance character strengths?  Samples may include competitiveness, mental toughness, discipline, focus, creativity,  humor, responsibility…  These are very important values that govern our relationship with ourselves.  The next level is to consider moral character strengths.  These values govern our relationship with others, such as kindness, honesty, fairness, gratefulness, compassion, respect for others, integrity.    What are your top 5 moral character strengths?  Now, the important question is:  does your performance in a tennis match reflect your both your performance and moral character strengths?

What would you like to have inscribed on your tennis “headstone”?  You  had an awesome serve?  great forehand weapon?  undefeated in USTA leagues?  went to nationals?  Or,  beloved teammate who brought out the best in everyone, or someone who loved tennis, loved lunches and was loved by everyone?  Isn’t the best match one in which you played to your highest ability and your opponent played to his/her best ability?  Both players bringing out the best in each other?  Appreciating each other’s effort and being grateful for the challenge?

If demonstrating good Character is the goal, rather than a win/loss record, everyone can be a champion – starting now.  Have a fun season.


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