PRC Clay Courts Are Open!

Clay opening

Joyce, Jane, Susan and Tippy were the first group on the clays this season

What are Har Tru (Clay) courts?  Har-tru is a unique crushed stone product that confers many benefits.  Our courts are hydro courts.  Hydro Court is a self-regulating irrigation system that waters the court from below. Constructed with six fully lined cells, each cell is monitored by a water control box allowing adjustments to be fine-tuned to player preferences.

Har-Tru is easier on the body and reduces the incidence of common tennis injuries to the lower body.  There is less shock on your joints and much easier on your feet.  The courts are also 10-15 degrees cooler to play on than a hard court.  The surface also helps a player develop a point and have a more complete game.

Tips for clay courts (especially after playing indoors on a hard court):  Move forward to play the ball, use more underspin/backspin to shots, focus on placement of shots rather than power, especially on the serve, go for everything – you will be surprised at how much more time you have to get to a shot – and have fun!

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