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Is tennis really an individual sport?  Last Wednesday,  the CJWTL Wednesday B team match was sandwiched in between two 3.0 USTA League matches.  In total, 44 women played team tennis that day.    The following day,  the men’s Central Jersey team practiced for USTA 65 and over Sectional Championships, while four women’s teams started competition in the 3.5 USTA League.  This weekend, the PRC men and women’s team (4 teams) competed in  the USTA Fall Tri Level league.  Many of our juniors are practicing in tournament training and HS Prep classes so they can compete on their high school team. The kids at summer camp not only improved from the instruction, but enjoyed each other during the breaks, carnival and Davis Cup matches.  Fortunately, these players have the opportunity to play on a team and get to play matches.

Many years ago, the tennis industry spent a lot of money to determine why people stopped playing tennis.  Do you know the number 1 reason?  They couldn’t find someone to play!  One of our goals at PRC this season is to assist everyone with finding people to play (ability wise – and maybe personality wise too!).  Dropping into a group clinic is a wonderful way to  meet people who are your level.  Joining a team or league at the club will provide an immediate way to  meet new players and enjoy the camaraderie of a group effort.  Often we get requests from seasonal court players looking for another player or sub. We have redesigned the bulletin board in the lower lobby (by the locker rooms) in an effort to help people who are looking for players and for players looking for matches.  Please leave your name, contact information and level on the slips.  Also, our pro and administrative staffs will do their best to assist you.

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