PRC 3.5 Friday Teams Countdown to Victory

Topspinners: Connie, Kerrie, Cindy, Kate, Amy, Jeannette, Kim, Linda

Congratulations to both PRC teams who competed on Friday in the USTA 3.5 18 and over league. The Topspinners, led by captains Kate Lakritz and Nancy Kenkelen, played Nassau and Sue Gunther’s team played at Courtside. Both teams were granted victories after 2-2 ties and sets were counted to determine the winner. 
Most of the indoor USTA matches are played with a four team format (1singles, 3 doubles). Consequently, the final team score may be 2-2 and the sets lost is used as a tiebreaker. Players who demonstrate strong mental toughness skills can really be rewarded with the scoring of indoor timed matches. Congratulations to both teams. 

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