Are you ready for April?

Rafa Nadal

Spring’s Coming!

Many of you may say yes, I have been anxiously watching April, the giraffe on the Animal Adventure Park Giraffe Cam, ready to give birth to her baby.  As this is written, over 215,000 people are watching the live camera, as she may deliver any minute.  If you would like to spend some of your snow day doing that, watch April here.

As you spend the day inside, hopefully warm and safe from the blizzard, you can also treat yourself to watching terrific tennis from the BNP Parisbas tournament in sunny, hot Indian Wells.  This tournament is considered the “5th” Grand Slam because it features the top men and women for almost two weeks.  Tennis Channel is rebroadcasting Monday’s matches through 1:00 pm today and then live coverage starts at 2:00 pm and continues until 2:00 am.  That’s right – a tennis marathon!  As if that isn’t enough, this tournament features top singles players competing in doubles – and they even show it on tv!

Other April attractions are the return of baseball after spring training, outside tennis and the popular USTA season.  How is your spring training going?  What are you working on to improve your tennis performance this season?  It is fun to read about new pitches that our favorite baseball pitchers have been working on spring training.  Isn’t it disappointing to see either baseball pitchers or tennis professionals not develop new pitches, new shots or strategies?  It is clear that Roger and Rafa succeeded in Australia because they weren’t playing on the tour every week.  Due to their time off from playing tournaments, they took time to work on their shots.  This was also confirmed clearly watching the Madison Keys, who has just returned to the tour after having wrist surgery.  During her rehab period, she developed an one handed backhand slice, which can also be used for a drop shot.  Her volley also improved.  Is the conclusion that as a result of wrist surgery, she became a better tennis player?

Are you ready for spring training?  What new shots and strategies would you like to add to your game?  Spring is a great time to commit to new shots, grips and serves because practice time can be more plentiful on outdoor courts.  Get excited about spring training and treat yourself to a private lesson or clinic.  For a full listing of daytime, evening and weekend clinics and programs, click here.

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