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Holiday for Reunions

Deepa Pandya and her kids took advantage of the holiday weekend and returned to NJ and PRC.  Always great to have Deepa back on the courts.  We already look forward to your next visit, Deepa.

Court Rules

Attorneys Mia Cahill and Rachel Juliana take time when their out of court, and off the courts, to review the USTA rules.

PRC is Open

PRC is open and all adult and junior clinics will be held as regularly scheduled today.  Clinics and contracts will also be held on Monday, President’s Day.  Drive safely.

It’s the Year of the Dog!

Happy Chinese New Year to all!  Auggie is so happy that 2018 is the Year of the Dog!

A Good Day for Slices and Volleys

The PRC Slice Girls and Volley Girls started the morning with a great match in the USTA 3.5 league.  Congratulations to the winners and everyone is commended on their sportsmanship.

Love on and Off the Courts

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Lots of love on and off the courts today at PRC.  Great day for four 3.0 PRC teams competing in the USTA league and also the PRC Wednesday team who played their CJWTL match. Best wishes and love to everyone.  

Sweet Shot!

Winners were plentiful in the Berger Open this Morning during Match Play.  Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all for participating.  Special congratulations to Betty Long, who started the day by becoming a great grandmother.

Prep for Valentine’s Day – Berger Open on Monday

A Berger Open will be held on Monday, February 12th at 9:00 am.   “Berger” points will be awarded for every winner hit by a doubles teams.  A Berger cookie, the official cookie of Baltimore, is a vanilla wafer with a slab of delicious chocolate on top.   In addition to delicious rewards, this is a wonderful…

“A” Birthday Celebration

The PRC CJWTL Monday A team had a wonderful birthday celebration after the match for captain, Lori Perdigao.  Many happy returns, Lori.

Mental Toughness on Feb 1st

Four boys in the PRC Junior program demonstrated some dedication and mental toughness by practicing on the outdoor courts today.  Coach JR was impressed with their effort to prep for the upcoming tennis season at South Brunswick school.