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Register Now for the PRC Summer Tennis Camp

Junior tennis camp at Princeton Racquet Club

Registrations are now being accepted for the PRC Summer Tennis Camp at the front desk or online.  The camp is conducted for children, ages 6-17 years.  Campers will be assigned to Junior Development, Tournament Training or High Performance camps and attend morning, afternoon or all day sessions.  A kick off camp for children who have…

Does Your Game Need POP?


The new Babolat POP is now available at the Pro Shop at the Princeton Racquet Club.  This is the first tennis specific device which can collect data such as swing speed, spin, shot type and style all into a PIQ score.  The POP sensor pops into a wrist band and the device is compatible with any…

Colorful Staff Reunion on “Souper” Monday

Admin Staff at PRC

It was a fun reunion for some of the staff today as they gathered with their new colorful mugs on a “souper” Monday.  Judy and Cos were delighted to be back home at PRC after attending the PTR Symposium last week.  Shown are Maria, M, Nelson, Judy, Dennis, Meryl and Lauren.

An “All Around” Good Sunday Morning at PRC

Amechi and Junior Clinic

Some juniors and adults may enjoy sleeping in on Sunday mornings, but not these dedicated tennis enthusiasts.  On Sunday 9:30 am, Ethan was taking a private lesson from JR- outside on a balmy February day.  Mansour’s game drill was full (of people and energy) and Amechi and his juniors were participating in high intensity drills.  Hope…

Improving Your Game The “Write” Way

PRC at PTR Symposium

Want to improve your game?  What do you think would help you perform better on the court – a new racquet? A new stroke? Try a notebook and pen. Those of you who participated in the mental toughness training sessions presented last spring had the experience of using a journal for various activities.  Dr. Jim Loehr,…

PRC is Well Represented at the PTR Symposium

PRC at PTR Symposium

It was another full day at the PTR Symposium. Jeremy followed up on his iTPA TPT Course from earlier in the week by taking a course by Dr Mark Kovacs tonight. In earlier sessions today, the importance of tennis and the value of using it as a vehicle to improve one’s physical, emotional  and mental…

Billie Jean King Inducted into the PTR Hall of Fame

Billie Jean King, PTR Hall of Fame

Tonight, we had the privilege of being present for the PTR Awards Banquet and the induction of Billie Jean King into the PTR Hall of Fame in Hilton Head, South Carolina. PTR is the largest global organization of teaching professionals with more than 15,000 members in 125 countries. King is the fifth inductee, joining Dennis…

PRC is Never Far From Home- Part 2

Cos, Judy and Jeremy are attending the 40th PTR Symposium in Hilton Head, SC. Much to our surprise, the first couple we met at a meeting this morning were Konrad and Mary Tuchscherer- parents/grandparents of PRC’s family: Konrad and Nyambe, Khatumu, and Nyakeh. How much fun was that?!   We were thrilled to see Mary…

PRC is Never Far From Home- Part 1

PRC In Vero Beach

PRC family is never far from home. Ron and Kathy Sabo were able to help Carol Cavalier celebrate her birthday with Tippy Tappin and Jane Huff in Vero Beach this week. Reports are lots of good tennis and fun together.

USTA Captain’s Meeting, Wednesday, February 17

Hard Courts at Princeton Racquet Club

The 2016 USTA Adult League season is just around the corner. A captain’s meeting will be held on Wednesday, February 17 at the Marriott Forrestal, 100 College Road East, Princeton, NJ for the North, Central, Shore area Adult League.  Registration for the women will begin at 6:30pm. The women’s meeting is for 4.0 and 4.5…