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Love on and Off the Courts

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Lots of love on and off the courts today at PRC.  Great day for four 3.0 PRC teams competing in the USTA league and also the PRC Wednesday team who played their CJWTL match. Best wishes and love to everyone.  

Sweet Shot!

Winners were plentiful in the Berger Open this Morning during Match Play.  Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all for participating.  Special congratulations to Betty Long, who started the day by becoming a great grandmother.

Prep for Valentine’s Day – Berger Open on Monday

A Berger Open will be held on Monday, February 12th at 9:00 am.   “Berger” points will be awarded for every winner hit by a doubles teams.  A Berger cookie, the official cookie of Baltimore, is a vanilla wafer with a slab of delicious chocolate on top.   In addition to delicious rewards, this is a wonderful…

Match Chatter

Chatting after a match can be fun and one of the most enjoyable minutes spent at the club.  Comments can be shared between doubles players or teaching professionals.  Often, PRC pros watch USTA or CJWTL league matches and discuss tips with players.  Match plays offered on Mondays and Fridays are an excellent opportunity to receive…

Friday Holiday Fed Cup and Match Play

Congratulations to the Jingle Balls (Meredith, Friedel, Doreen and Ryka), winners of the Holiday Fed Cup this morning.  Thanks to all of the women who took a little time for themselves at a busy time and played today.  Great matches, lots of laughter and wonderful sportsmanship.

Halloween Berger Open is Treat

There were lots of offensive shots being hit all over the courts today as teams tried to earn Berger points by hitting winners.  Thanks to everyone who participated and enjoyed savoring Berger cookies.

Friday Is A Good Day For Singles

Participants in the Friday singles match play league enjoyed playing matches on a beautiful morning today. Great points and it was amazing that 4/8 of the players were lefties.

“A” Monday Off to Good Start

The PRC CJWTL Monday A team had a good start to the season with a 2-2 tie vs New Shrewsbury today.  Good luck to the team the rest of the season and thanks to Captain Lori.

Sweet Day on the Courts

A Berger Open was held during the first Monday Match Play of the indoor season.  Players focused on recognizing offensive opportunities and earned “Berger” points by hitting winners.  Berger cookies, the official cookie of Baltimore, are savored by many at PRC.  Thanks to all of those who participated and had a sweet time on the…

Labor of Love

Great morning of tennis and fun on Labor Day at the courts- thanks to everyone and Coach Mansour.  The last “summer” match play will be held on Wednesday from 9:30-11:00 am.  Please email Mansour if you would like to play or contact the front desk.