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Tennis is the Sport for a Lifetime

One of the best assets about tennis is that it can be played throughout one’s lifetime.  It is never too late to learn and enjoy the game.  Learning a new activity keeps one younger!  Kudos for Rosalie, Judy and Betty for setting good standards.  Rosalie (81) participates in Game Drills, quick moving drills several times…

Well-staffed Christmas Party

The PRC administrative, facility and teaching staff members and their families gathered last night for the annual Christmas party.  Delicious food and wonderful times together were a prelude to another competitive and fun Pictionary game.  By the way, the “older” staff members schooled the younger generation… Thanks to Judy and M for transforming the nursery…

An English Christmas

Thanks to Helena Carr, who brought an English Christmas celebration to PRC – including hats, lovely sweets and custard, etc and even treats for Auggie.  Merry Christmas and safe travels to Helena as you celebrate across the pond.  Happy Birthday to Noel too.

Thinking of Irene

Today was the anniversary of Irene Gross’s passing and many friends enjoyed a bagel (thanks Jacinta) – and shared thoughts of Irene.  Jacinta remembered that Irene’s favorite breakfast was the outside of a bagel.  Other favorite memories:  having lunch with her, she always tried to see the good side, was always pleasant, fun to be…

An Early Thanksgiving at PRC

Cos and Judy express their deepest gratitude to Jacinta, the staff and everyone who surprised them with an early Thanksgiving celebration on Friday.  The beautiful scrapbooks with special words from so many people will be cherished forever, as well as our memories of the event.  Thanks so much to everyone who makes PRC such a…

Many Happy Returns, Jane

Jane Huff, so admired by many players for her participation in sectional and national tournaments in the 75 and over divisions, celebrated her birthday with her friends after the Thursday drill.  Birthdays are the best -and next year Jane will qualify for the 80 and over division – can’t wait!

Professional Birthdays!

Five teaching professionals at PRC celebrate their birthdays in October.  Happy Birthday to Judy Young, MaryBeth, TC, Raj and JR.  Many happy returns – on and off the court.

Halloween Berger Open is Treat

There were lots of offensive shots being hit all over the courts today as teams tried to earn Berger points by hitting winners.  Thanks to everyone who participated and enjoyed savoring Berger cookies.

Congratulations Miss America!

Congratulations to PRC”s newest Miss America, Maria Oliveira, who became a US citizen on Thursday.  We all love you M and are so honored and excited for you.

Tennis Birthday Parties are a Hit

One of the most fun events at PRC is Tennis Birthday Parities for Kids on Saturday evenings.  The party consists of 2 hours tennis , games, tennis hockey, pizza, snacks, cake, decorations and prizes – all on a private court and lobby.  Meryl Lolas does a fabulous job of making the event fun and memorable…