Blizzard doesn’t keep PRC women away from Australian!

Match play at Princeton Racquet Club

Players from Monday match situations practiced Australian formation

Australian at PRC! The aftermath of the blizzard didn’t hinder the women in the Monday match play from participating at the club. Doubles teams worked on the Australian formation. This is a great way to mix it up while playing. Assuming all players are right handed, the following tips would apply. From the deuce side, the serving side playing in an Australian formation could: defend against a short wide service return, discourage or better cover a lob return over the SP‘s head, and serve a better T serve to the receiver’s backhand. From the ad side, the same advantages would apply. Also, if the server’s forehand is stronger, this would set them up to receive a return to his/her forehand (and not have to defend a return to his/her backhand). Remember, if you are having a hard time consistently winning a serving point to one particular receiver, mix it up!