Improving Your Game The “Write” Way

PRC at PTR Symposium

Jeremy, Cos and Judy with Dr. Jim Loehr

Want to improve your game?  What do you think would help you perform better on the court – a new racquet? A new stroke? Try a notebook and pen. Those of you who participated in the mental toughness training sessions presented last spring had the experience of using a journal for various activities.  Dr. Jim Loehr, a mental toughness expert in the tennis and corporate worlds, introduced the concept of writing your story. Last year, we added tennis goals, daily report cards, and how our stories could be changed and performance improved. Billie Jean King reported that she starts everyday by writing in a gratitude journal.

Consider how you could improve your tennis performance by identifying your short term and long term goals. Perhaps you could list a few reminders from your tennis lesson.  Write an evaluation of  a match performance with regard to your emotional or mental control. Include how you could improve or change the outcome.

New mental toughness clinics will be conducted again this March and April. Cos, Judy and Jeremy enjoyed another presentation by Dr Jim Loehr at the International PTR Symposium. We are so excited to share the information with you. Hint:  Be kind.

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