The Numbers Don’t Lie!

First 4 Shots Clinic

Students attend First 4 Shots Specialty Clinic

Many of the students enrolled in the winter clinics or readers of the PRC webpage are familiar of the latest theory of the “First 4 Shots”.  If you missed it, see the post from a week ago.  Today, at a specialty clinic,  the servers work on shots 1 and 3 with Judy and the receivers worked on shots 2 and 4 with Cos.  Then, doubles matches were played on two courts where the rallies were counted. On one court 28/28 points consisted of rallies with 4 shots of less and the other court had 27/29.  Can you believe it?  That means 55/57 points or only 2 points had rallies longer than 4 shots?!  How about that????

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